Monthly Archive for March, 2009

Sick fun

Spring is in the air!  It is time for nasty allergies and unpleasant flu.  You probably called in sick one time or the other.  But did you and your spouse both fall sick and took the day off at the same time?  If you didn’t, let me tell ya, this situation provides numerous unexplored romantic opportunities.  Just because you both are sick like dogs, clinging to bed with aching body, bouts of cough, pounding headache and high fever, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it romantic and fun.

Here are the top ten things to do to spice up your sick day when you and your spouse both are home sick:

10. Impersonate movie actors in your soar-throat aided husky voice
9. Play thermometer race.  Stick digital thermometers in your mouths and see who’s beeps first
8. Just in case there is ever such event, practice for Olympic Synchronized Coughing
7. Sit out in the backyard and chat over a hot cup of Theraflu
6. Forget staring contest.  Try “who can go longest without wiping nose” contest
5. You played drinking games, didn’t you?  Try this: watch daytime tabloid talk shows and take a cough syrup shot every time a word is bleeped out
4. If your noses are completely blocked, see how long you can kiss before you gasp for air.  Can you hit the magic 1 minute mark?
3. Hide a Tylenol capsule in your layers of clothing and let him/her search for it
2. One word.  69!  Give each other foot-massages
1. To declare your undying love for each other, exchange your nasal sprays