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Electronic cheating machines

As we know, anything is fair in elections and war.  There are rumors that Republicans are planning widespread electronic voting machine tampering so that the voting machines “help” the voter make the “right” choice.  For people who are planning to vote for Obama, the following sample ballot scenarios may help you to be better prepared for the polling booths.

A transparent lie

Folks at Purdue University have been working on an invisibility cloak.  They are now saying it will take a while for them to “finish” it.  But we suspect they actually made one but can’t find where it is.


Sukdeep Groceries

If you have been to any of the Indian grocery stores in the bay area, you must have come out with one distressing question.  “Why does the salesperson hate me?”  Before you tear yourself apart with that question, let me tell you that you are not unique.  I know.  You said “thank you” and you got a frown back.  You smiled at the girl and she looked at you like you are some kind of poisonous invertebrate.  Don’t take it to heart.  It is standard practice at India grocery stores.  From their point of view they are doing humongous favor to you and the humanity by serving you at the store.  Digesting this fact is the key to a not-so-tormenting grocery experience.
What makes me wonder is, how these stores manage to hire only such fine specimens of barbarians as salespeople.  How is it possible that every salesperson at every Indian grocery store in bay area has never heard the phrase, “thank you”?

In search of answers, I uncovered a job application for Sukdeep Groceries.  It will help you understand how these salespeople are hired.

pdf_icon.png Job Application for Sukdeep Groceries

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