Monthly Archive for May, 2008

The Phoenix has landed

I am excited that the Phoenix probe successfully landed safely and peacefully on Mars. Or, as Ms. Hilary Clinton would put it, “It landed under heavy sniper fire.”


Saree Below Navel

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the one search term that got this blog a major portion of hits. It is the phrase “Saree Below Navel.” You cannot imagine how many people search for that phrase on a daily basis. The flood of these hits started when I wrote the post on Sarees. To this date, the number of these search hits rival the numbers of genuine, non-pervert reader hits.

Initially it used to be just “Saree Below Navel.” Of late, I am seeing a host of variations, all centered around Navel. We can attribute it to people becoming either very specific in their tastes or more astute in their ability to use search engines. In any case, here are a few interesting variations.

Saree below sexy navel: Not some godforsaken ugly navel, mind you, a sexy one. Better be specific than sorry for searching for navel pics and stumbling upon mediocre navels.

Saree below navel in bra: “Transferred epithet”, I believe, is what this figure of speech is called as I could hardly imagine a navel adorned in a lacy bra. We must assume that the said bra is worn by the owner of the said navel. But on the other hand, who are we to judge one’s preference of navels and their accoutrements.

Saree below naval: I take comfort in believing that I live in a world of typos rather than a world full of people with some kinky fantasies involving armed forces and Indian garments.

Elizabeth Hurley in saree below navel: It might seem absurd that one would look for her pictures with saree below navel when one could get pictures of her with skirt below ankles. But let’s not underestimate the power of fetish.

Saree below navel pics: Wise people learn quickly to refine their search terms after stumbling upon too many articles that verbosely drone on navel below saree without any pictures, like this one.

Saree below navel above knees: Interesting. Wouldn’t the woman have to be like 12 feet tall for this to happen!?

Mother saree below navel: I hope they found their mom’s pictures

Saree below navel sex: It reeks of their inexperience in either sarees or sex or both not to realize that the entire phrase “saree below navel” is redundant in this case

Saree 10 inches below navel: My, my. Fastidious, aren’t they! They don’t accept it if the saree is 9 inches or 11 inches below the navel. It has to be 10 inches! I wonder if it is even possible without the help of adhesive tape.

Women in saree below navel: This search phrase opened my eyes to my own shameful gender bias. When people search for “Saree Below Navel,” I have been mistakenly assuming that they are looking for women. They could be looking for men! Why one would look for men in a saree, irrespective of its position relative to navel, is better left unexplored.